give me a shot

一起喬英文之日常對話開口說-give me a shot

看電影或美劇時有沒有聽人家說過give me a shot?
an attempt to do or achieve something that you have not done before

所以這邊give me a shot是讓我試試、給我個機會這樣的意思give me a chance, give me an opportunity

give sth./sb. a shot常見片語


I’ve never tried skiing before, but I thought I’d give it a shot.


Give it a shot, maybe you’ll win the lottery. Buy 10 tickets for 10 straight weeks.

He really wants to get the job. Give him a shot.


give me a shot at it = give me an opportunity to do this, or to show you . . ..



📌give sth your best shot
to do something as well as you can
I’m gonna give it my best shot and get the job.
📌a shot of sth
the amount of a drug that is put into the body by a single injection
He was in a lot of pain so the doctor gave him a shot of morphine.
a shot of your best whiskey
Did you get your shot yet? (像現在疫情期間,可能人家問這句話就是說now with the pandemic, “shot” means “vaccination” / inoculation.) 你打針(疫苗)了嗎?
📌a good/poor shot
someone who is skilled/not skilled at aiming and firing a gun
Every shot hits the target. He really is a good shot. 百發百中耶,他真是個神槍手


A hunter might say (although I don’t like the idea of killing an animal) “I got that deer with one shot to the head.”
the star player waited till just the right minute and then took a shot at the basket. He made it!
“This situation now is all shot to pieces . . .” = a combination of ‘shot’ as coming from the verb ‘to shoot a gun’ and discouragement, connoting ‘destroyed.”
“Our chances now to win this basketball are shot to hell” – a sort of casual, partly crude (because of ‘hell’) expression that is similar in meaning to the above ‘shot to pieces.’
I’m really shot = slang for I’m so tired.

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